Tuesday, August 16, 2011

4 step program in 3 images

For my last contract time was very short. I had to produce 14 illustrations in less then 4 weeks, 25 days.

Here is an example of the different stages in producing these drawings. Note how rough the sketch is. At the beginning there was no clear vision of style or mood. It had to be figured out as we went. So the sketches were kept loose in anticipation of change, also, they were done with an aesthetic direction in mind that in the end the project did not go with.

The posting is called "4 step program in 3 images" because I inked directly onto my pencils, so there was a second stage to the rough sketch, finished pencils.

Kids Stuff

Drew some illustrations and the STORYBOOK itself for a storybook that will be featured as the opening of a short movie. Shrek is the example that comes to mind, the sotrybook will set the stage and lead into the movie

Rough Cuts

Here are some storyboard thumbnails for a potential short movie on the life and times of Tom Thomson