Saturday, February 26, 2011

Info pamphlet 2

Here is the final delivered work for the info pamphlet. My clients work on Macs and I use a PC so there were some fonts they wanted I was unable to get to work on my machine, therefore some of the text was tweaked with these new fonts on their end of things making these files not the final final renditions of things...but close enough.

The client wanted an "Indie/Graphic novel look to the work", examples given were work by Joe Sacco and the graphic novel "City of Glass" and a few others I can't recall. "Not too cartoony" was mentioned and Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis was used as an example for that...which was too bad I'm a big fan. We also focused on the work of Scott McCloud and used his work for "Google Chrome" as inspiration and direction.

I only had 12 days to complete this project and have it ready for print. It included, layout, pencils, inks, tones and text in both French and English. It was a very tight schedule. There were hard deadlines every day and feedback corrections to execute every day several times a day. Got there in the end though :)

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