Monday, September 29, 2008

Story boards / Presentation Boards

Here is a set of 3 boards I worked on over the summer.
These are not strictly speaking story boards but boards
meant to be used during a presentation, as part of a pitch.
They wanted a comic book feel to them hence the word
bubbles and caption boxes. Anyway all 3 were done in a
single work week and I was really happy with how they
came out. I've removed almost all the text as the information
contained within is a big 'no no' for me to go public with. I
kept in all the caption boxes and word bubbles and replaced
phone info and adverts with generic mumbo-jumbo to keep
the look of the original layout.


Ryan Rader said...

hey ben "story board" looks great!
I like the additions.


eager said...

I'm diggin' the color boards.