Thursday, April 16, 2009

I started this blog close to a year ago today. I posted some work from school including a penciled cover for a short 3 page exercise I had done that year. Last summer I started to do the final colours for it and was almost finished when other responsibilities kept me from doing so. I never came back to it and when school started up again this past September the blog also fell by the way side.

Well, school is done, and although I still don't have the time, yet, to pursue my own projects as often as I would like I did stumble onto this old effort and took a few minutes to finish it off. I'd say 99% of it was already done, I guess I had to wait this whole time to throw in the last 1% and post it.

I'll certainly be doing my best to be more responsible with my blog in the future. Enjoy this pic and I'll post again very soon.

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