Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Concept Art Again

Since I blogged last I've done some interesting sketching, a bunch of life drawing, some comic book page layouts and some more character design.

The sketches and life drawing I will post this weekend or sometime next week. The comic book stuff I will post when I finish all the pencils.

All I have the time to post at the moment is this final design of one of the characters from the project I am working on. The last character I finalized was the fat diseased guy. One or two posts below this one. I used a way different final approach for that one, I completely repainted him digitally. It created a much more finished piece and a much more satisfying experience and result for me but it did take a long time. The illustration below may be less finished but it communicates just as much info and took about five or six times less time to finish. So I think this will be the approach I take with the other characters as well. Unless of course my client has other ideas. I'll keep you posted...wuahhahahahah...stupid joke...but then again no one is reading this...booooo.

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