Thursday, June 17, 2010

Banner Design

I'm still working on the short movie that will be shot later this coming fall. I've had to shelf the project for about a month due to other engagements but now I'm back at it. I'm currently designing/illustrating a set of graphics to be used with the movies promotional website. The stuff is meant to have a russian revolution era feel to it. I struggled like crazy on this one until I finally decided not to re-invent the wheel. I settled on one of my favorite russian constructivism designs and use it as the basis for the project. I'm not scoring points for originality here but the end result is pretty nice and getting done. I'll post the rest as I finish it. Below is the first and largest piece the site banner. I've included my original digital painting, the altered and brightened variant I used in the end and the final banner design it was included in.

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Steeve Frank said...

This seems interesting. I want to see the movie.

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